Imerovigli, just a short trip from Thera, the capital of Santorini, lies on the highest top of the island, laid out like a shining white cloth over the steep cliff of the Caldera.

The advantage is obvious…

The view out to the Aegean Sea and the intermittent volcano is simply stunning… It’s like the whole place is floating on air!

Did you know that among the means to get to Imerovigli, apart from cars and taxis, you can actually hike along the 2.2 km trail that will take you through some quite astonishing scenery; though at times a bit harsh to walk on, it’s nonetheless worth the try!

Then again, if you’re in a hurry or want to take a rain check on hiking, the taxi from Thera to Imerovigli is a mere 3 minute ride and costs around 4 euros.

It’s home to OLIA Villas & Suites too, the luxurious collage of high quality accommodation, guaranteed to grant you a lifetime experience of unheard relaxation and tranquility, while offering on the side some of the finest chances of going out and living life to the full!

And Imerovigli, being like the centrefold to a colourful magazine, brings together the necessary ingredients to make all that true… views, sights, beaches, fun-packed activities, scrumptious local savouries and infectious grooves all at a stone’s throw from your door, waiting to be lived out! Just ask us and we’ll be delighted to provide you with details, stories and tips on how to make the most of it all!


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