Santorini Activities

Every activity known to holiday goers is, of course, to be found on the island… From hiking, biking, horse riding and paragliding to all sorts of water sports and its paraphernalia!

Santorini, nonetheless, is also an island of intense, diverse and lively nightlife, with clubs, bars, cafés and restaurants strewn across its town and beaches for all tastes and preferences…

Steeped in exquisite flavours, aromas and scents to satisfy even the hardest of palates, local cuisine and winery offers a rich range of savouries and desserts, and some of the finest wines, a legacy granted generously by the fertile, volcanic soil.

Then it’s the people of Santorini… good-hearted, hospitable, polite and cheerful –well, especially after some glasses of wine or tsipouro!– eager to help and share, guide and provoke one of the best nights out of your lives!


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